Foutain Park + Lewis Place

Development Committee

Reviews development plans in our area and promotes opportunities for diverse stakeholders to work in our area. Meetings are held once a month.

By the numbers...


Of our homes are vacant


Our occupied homes are worth less than $50,000


Homes are renter-occupied

What we are working on...

We are currently working on two (2) initiatives to promote responsible development decisions in our community:

  • Development Review Standards: Housing should be healthy and development projects should be accountable to the community interests. We are beginning the work of designing a development review process by which projects proposed for tax abatement in our neighborhoods can be evaluated. Developing standards for development review ensures fair treatment and equal opportunity in the development process.

  • Fountain Park & Lewis Place Home Repair Fund: We are actively fundraising for a dedicated home repair program in Fountain Park and Lewis Place. The fund is intended to bring additional home repair partners into the community and to help ensure that longtime residents can age in place.





If I have questions, who do I talk to?

Questions can be addressed to the current committee Chair:

When is the next meeting?

Meeting frequency will be determined by the committee collectively, but everyone is invited to participate.  It is recommended that we meet at least monthly.  Check our community calendar for upcoming meetings!

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Stay informed!

Not everyone has time for a committee, but we want to make sure you are in the loop! In addition to our newsletter, we host neighborhood meetings once every two months to share progress on our work in the community.