Home Repair Partnership

Park Place Housing & Economic Development (PPHED) in partnership with Rebuilding Together-St. Louis is launching a multi-year home repair service in Fountain Park and Lewis Place Neighborhoods in St. Louis City, a home repair partnership to fight gentrification, displacement and ensure longtime residents remain in their homes and see the area improve around them.

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Rebuilding Day 2019

On Saturday, October 12 we gathered in Fountain Park with our neighbors and more than 20 volunteers to celebrate the first of many Rebuilding Days in Fountain Park and Lewis Place. This year, Annette Smith received new trim, a fresh coat of paint, and light repairs to her front deck which will help her continue to enjoy her home, where she has been for over 20 years. 


Alongside repairs in the home, we hosted a community resource fair hosted in Fountain Park to connect our neighbors to home repair and credit building products with our local bank partners. We look forward to many more successful Rebuilding Days in the coming years, and are grateful to everyone who came out to support this work!

About the Partnership

Rebuilding Together-St. Louis is a national nonprofit organization that coordinates home repair services through a combination of governmental grants, philanthropic partners, donated labor from local unions and corporations to address a wide range of home repair needs.  Home repairs will be focused on improving health, safety, and independence of long-time homeowners in Fountain Park and Lewis Place, including painting, grab bars, handrails, and other minor repairs will be completed by a combination of volunteers and certified contractors this fall.

We are paring this service with 1:1 Resource Counseling in partnership with Park Central Development, so that in addition to necessary home repairs, our neighbors can find out about other resources available to them depending on their situation.

Home Owner Meetings
Urban League S.O.S. Center
Fountain Park

From our sponsors

As a locally-owned community bank, Royal Banks of Missouri believes that owner occupied housing is essential for long term neighborhood stability and economic growth. The bank is excited to be part of this housing and economic development in the Fountain Park and Lewis Place neighborhoods.

Stay informed!

Not everyone has time for a committee, but we want to make sure you are in the loop! In addition to our newsletter, we host neighborhood meetings once every two months to share progress on our work in the community.