We are committed to inclusive communities and creating new opportunities to thrive in Fountain Park and Lewis Place. Here're some of the things we're doing to make Fountain Park and Lewis Place a better place to live for all. Actions speak louder than words, and we'd love to tell you about what we're working on.


What we're working on:

Community Resource Counseling


This spring we began partnering with Park Central Development to provide individualized social service counseling for our neighbors in Fountain Park and Lewis Place. To date, twelve (12) neighbors from our communities have received referrals for housing, transportation, childcare, and utility assistance.

Housing Education

We are working with our Money Smart Month partners to bring free housing resource counseling and education events to our area. These events are opportunities to receive free guidance on resources available for home ownership, home repair, utility assistance, and more here in our community. 

Home Repair Partnership

We are raising money for home repair for the long term residents of Fountain Park and Lewis Place in St. Louis City, MO. 100% of the funds will be used to for home repair, and will leverage additional resources for owner occupied home repair. The Home Repair Fund is a vehicle for investing in the financial futures of St. Louis families and restoring the dignity of home ownership.

Neighborhood Policing

We are partnering with Park Central Development to promote community-based responses to crime in our area. This is an opportunity to develop a community-based response to crime and vacancy in our area. 

Stay informed!

Not everyone has time for a committee, but we want to make sure you are in the loop! In addition to our newsletter, we host neighborhood meetings once every two months to share progress on our work in the community.